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rgi - an alternative kinda place


Does anyone have any of the 4 types if Nordstrom's cards?

I need one item from the anniversary sale and it will be sold out by the time the sale goes public. I can PayPal funds immediately.

Please let me know, thanks!

Comm Promo

Bought something and can't return it? Swap/sell it!

When you can't return it, swap it!


Drama Llama hunting.....

I think my icon says it all, actually. The bint that started all the shit with me last year and got me booted from LJ is apparently back under a new name.

I will not be posting her new SN, but she also has a new community as well.

Due to people from my flist passing her info in the past, ANY one that is on her flist or in her community WILL be removed from my personal flist and RGI.

Sorry y'all, but I was gifted my name back and I am NOT going to lose it.


Treat buckets!

Go join treat_or_trick for fun seasonal gift giving!

Sign up to get a Halloween treat bucket, leave treats or tricks for other people, have lots of fun with other lj users!

MY TREAT BUCKET: http://treat-or-trick.livejournal.com/1410.html

Leave me tricks and treats! :)

New Sale!

New Sale! Lowered Prices!
I want this stuff gone! 

MAC, MUFE, Origins, Pretika & more!Collapse )Comment by clicking the small Castle icon on the bottom left or message me at BornGothic @ MUA!


sale 3/27

 last sale: 3/17

ISO: used preferred
Mac Brunette MSF, Smooth Merge, Perfect Topping
Mac Rich Ground, Delineate Fluidline
Mac Trax, Club, Haux, Soba, Star Violet, Mink & Sable, Warming Trend, Dazzlelight, Mulch & Twinks shadows

New Items! R&R blushes and more! Open to haggling.Collapse )


Ignore this flist :)

Last post:  3/1

MAC FLUIDLINE: Rich Ground, Delineate, Night Fish
MAC SHADOW: Greensmoke, Scarab, Sumptuous Olive, Flourishing, Club, Haux, Soba, Mythology,
                        Warming Trend, Symmetry, Truce, Coppering, Grain, Humid, Antiqued
MAC LIPSTICK: Marquise'D (any packaging)

URBAN DECAY: Original Primer potion
MURAD Oil Control Mattifiier

New Sale!Collapse )